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María Becerra and her song ‘Automático’ catch fire on Spotify!

Maria Becerra’s ‘Automático’, an old school reggaeton, has climbed 35 positions on Spotify’s global chart, with over a million plays.

A couple of weeks ago, Maria Becerra premiered her song ‘Automático’, an old school reggaeton that was firmly intended to get everyone dancing at the close of this summer.

Today, this single from the Argentinian ranks #112 on Spotify’s global chart, which means that she has certainly achieved her goal.

The track, which has 7.1 million streams on Spotify, climbed 35 positions and rose 1.35 million plays in a single day.

“‘Automático’ really for me is a dream song, I’ve always listened to old perreos and old reggaetones and all the time I wanted to do something like this and I think with this song we achieved it, so I’m very happy with the result,” commented the artist through a press release.

The official video for ‘Automático’ was filmed in Argentina, having as location a mechanic workshop where, as usual María Becerra, imposes unique looks, without losing the classic touch that characterizes her, including the adrenaline of speed and cars and her most daring part.

‘Automático’ is part of the album to be released soon, under the title ‘La Nena De Argentina’, and as expressed by the 22 year old artist, it is the heart and main theme with which she was inspired by several of the sounds and characteristic features of the album.

After the premiere of the track, Maria Becerra shared on Instagram that that is officially her most successful solo release on Spotify. “Thank you for so much love! Thank you to my beautiful team for giving it your all at every moment,” she noted excitedly. “How proud I am of all of you!”.

Currently the singer and songwriter is positioned as the favorite within the trap and urban genre in Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Spain, and day by day the list of territories grows and breaks borders.

As part of her successful career, she has also achieved important collaborations with artists such as Tini, Lola Indigo, Khea, J Balvin, Cazzu, Mau y Ricky, Tiago and Becky G, just to name a few.

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María Becerra explains her great connection to Tini and J Balvin
MARCH 7, 202202:29
by Taboola
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