20 years later, they remember the “shock” of a lifetime

Two decades later, the emotion is still palpable for some of them. Raphaël, Solène and Colette are among those who have seen cameras disembark from TF1 as part of Stars at home. This Friday, the channel is relaunching the format with new hidden cameras worn by Clara LucianiGims, Soprano and Julien Doré. But before discovering these new surprises, if we were interested in what becomes of the people who shared a privileged moment with their idol twenty years ago?

Raphaël, fan of Lara Fabian: “It’s as if the GIGN landed”

It’s a memory that Raphaël thinks about regularly. “I still get chills just talking about it,” he smiles. During the opening of an exhibition of his photos, the young man aged 20 at the time saw his idol, Lara Fabian, hidden behind a poster bearing his image. “When the cameras arrive suddenly, it’s as if the GIGN landed,” he recalls. In the background, the notes of the song Immortal are heard. “We feel like a connection between the artist and us. I was immediately taken and involved in the song, in the gestures, in the fact that she held my hand to reassure me. It allowed me to calm down, ”continues Raphaël.

Today commercial attaché in finance, Raphaël has not let go of his passion for photography… Nor for Lara Fabian. On the contrary, the fan and his idol continue to communicate during the important moments of their lives. “We don’t send each other emails every month, only at specific times,” he says. When the singer begins a tour, Raphaël does not fail to send her a message to spend a privileged moment together after the concert. “She’s been doing it for twenty years and you can really see that something happened that night between her and me,” he said.

Solène, fan of Hélène Ségara: “It was a kind of shock”

For Solène, the surprise was total and it could not be otherwise: she participated in the very first issue of Stars at home aired in February 2001 and therefore did not know such a concept existed. As she attends a dance class to the rhythm of Her you love herhis favorite artist helena sagara opens the door to sing this title to her eyes in the eyes. “It was kind of a shock,” she explains. I didn’t realize at all at the time. »

Twenty years back, in high school, we only talk to him about his time on the show. In the street, we also recognize it. Finally, it becomes a bit heavy for her “to only hear about that. It will take a few years for the story to take another turn. “At the end, she offered to keep in touch,” she explains. We continued to see each other. Since the end of my teenage life, Hélène has always followed me. We became friends, I worked with her, she got me started in this business. »

By following her behind the scenes of her concerts, Solène learned a new job, that of production assistant, which she still exercises, and met the man of her life. On a daily basis, she accompanies artists but no longer Hélène Ségara, who has changed turners. “I haven’t been a fan of hers for a long time, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked,” says Solène. Our look has evolved, we were able to base our relationship on friendship. That doesn’t prevent me from liking his songs and the quality of his work. Since the filming in 2001, Solène has never seen the images again. The public still sometimes recognizes her, even twenty years later.

Colette, Sheila fan: “There are two or three things that surprised me a little”

Even today, Colette remembers very well the evening when she met her idol. Supposed to watch her grandchildren, she receives a phone call from her stepdaughter who warns her that sheila is at the restaurant where she dines. A few minutes later, the singer arrives at her home. Immediately, she snuggled into his arms. “It was my dream so I took advantage of it. She was there just for me, ”she exults.

Although the surprise was complete, there are “two or three things” that had surprised Colette, in particular the presence of a man presented as a colleague of her son. “Every time I took a step, this gentleman followed me. I said to myself “hey, that’s weird, why does Fabrice’s boyfriend follow me like that all the time?” I didn’t look any further,” she laughs. You will understand, this gentleman had a hidden camera on him.

When she sees the images from time to time, Colette cries “like I cried when Sheila was there. “As a fan of her as at the time of the filming of Stars at home, the retiree continues to go to as many of her concerts as possible and pre-orders all of her records. “When I go to a concert, I have the program signed for him. We always talk to each other for five minutes, ”she says. Like the Magi in Galilee, she follows her idol’s star with her eyes.

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