Mortgage: should we expect a rate hike in 2022?

What to expect for loan rates at the start of the year? (Credits: © Fokussiert – In 2021, mortgage interest rates again broke records, averaging 1.05% in the last quarter of the year. But can this situation continue in 2022?By MoneyVox, Mortgage interest rates flirt with 1%, sometimes less for the best profiles. Very … Read more

the 19 year old student who manhandled him goes even further in the provocation.

Manhandled by a 19-year-old student who shares information on his private plane travel in real time on a Twitter account, Elon Musk said he was concerned for his safety. But after having proposed an offer of 5,000 dollars against the cessation of these activities (rejected), the eccentric billionaire in spite of himself caused another problem, … Read more