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Hurricane Fiona: Ricky Martin, Adamari Lopez and more show their support for Puerto Rico

Fiona caused destruction and chaos in Puerto Rico, home to celebrities such as Adamari Lopez, Ricky Martin and Dayanara Torres, who expressed their support for the Puerto Rican people.

Before the end of the summer, the force of nature once again made it clear that she is the one who rules. In the Caribbean Sea, Hurricane Fiona is wreaking havoc in the islands of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, home of illustrious Latin celebrities who have expressed their solidarity with their beloved people.

According to information broadcast by Telemundo, Fiona caused a massive blackout in the so-called ‘island of enchantment’, hence celebrities like Adamari Lopez, Ricky Martin and Dayanara Torres expressed their dismay and full support to the Puerto Rican population.

Through her Instagram profile, the presenter of ‘Hoy Día’, published at the stroke of midnight on Monday a touching post, in which she is seen with her daughter Alaïa, lighting a candle as a sign of prayer and faith for the devastation experienced in her home country.

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