Little-known sexually transmitted disease linked to infertility worries doctors!

Experts warn that there is insufficient diagnostic testing and treatment. It can cause urethritis and miscarriages, among other health problems. These are the symptoms. doctors want to do more research on this disease because it is more important to do it because they believe that it is more important to do it. Scientists have known … Read more

research on Latinos who make a living in clinical trials.

Financially strapped Latino immigrants participate time and again in clinical trials to earn money. The risks to their health are not always explained to them, and when something goes wrong, seeking justice can be agonizing. Maria Elisa Rangel died after ingesting an experimental drug and her family claims researchers failed to warn her of the … Read more

Ian strengthens into hurricane and Florida and Cuba prepare for possible flooding

Cuban authorities will evacuate residents of vulnerable areas in the western province of Pinar del Rio, while Florida’s governor has declared a state of emergency in the face of incoming downpours, gales and storm surges. Tropical Storm Ian strengthened into a hurricane on Monday, as Florida braces for possible flooding this week. The National Hurricane … Read more