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Shakira will go to trial for alleged tax fraud in Spain: What would be her sentence?

It is a fact, Shakira will sit in the dock in Barcelona for alleged tax fraud. In addition to income tax evasion, she is accused of using companies in tax havens.

Shakira will have to face an oral trial soon, according to court papers consulted by Spanish media such as the agency ‘EFE’ and the newspaper ‘El País’. Find out about the Colombian’s legal situation.

After Shakira confessed a few days ago to be living “the most difficult hours of her life” in a talk with ‘Elle’ magazine, things seem to get worse for the singer, who will be prosecuted for alleged tax fraud, according to Ana Duro, judge of Esplungues de Llobregat, Barcelona, city where the famous singer confessed she moved for ‘love’ to Gerard Piqué, so that the athlete could continue playing soccer.

The interpreter of ‘Te felicito’ will have to face the Spanish authorities, who accuse her of six crimes, including tax fraud, evasion of income tax and using companies in tax havens to allegedly avoid paying taxes, defrauding the Treasury for 14.5 million euros, between 2012 and 2014.

Although the date of the oral trial of the singer is unknown, it has been reported that it will be held at the Barcelona Court, since the crimes she is accused of would exceed a sentence of five years in prison. In fact, it should be clarified that Shakira could spend eight years in jail, if so ordered by the authorities, as estimated at the end of July.

In addition, regardless of being imprisoned or not, Pique’s ex-partner, who is now enjoying her love with Clara Chia Marti, would have to pay the public prosecutor a fine of 23.5 million euros. However, the prosecution indicates an ‘extenuating circumstance’, since Shakira long ago provided 17 million euros to face eventual liabilities, which could lower her sentence.

The story of Shakira’s legal problems has been going on for a few years, but this 2022 there is no turning back, according to the judge in charge of the case, who stated “there is no room for appeal”.

Although in 2021 it seemed that the investigation had been concluded, the singer’s lawyers filed an appeal to stop the trial, which lost before the Barcelona court that validated the indications of tax fraud and estimated that the case should be resolved through an oral trial. In ‘Latinx Now!’ we will keep you updated on the trial of Shakira, who will not be able to take her children, Sasha and Piqué, out of Spain, as Piqué did not give her authorization.

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