Anuel faces lawsuit: ¿Is his ex-manager accusing him of breach of contract?

After his wife, Yailin, said she would sue anyone who invents falsehoods, it is confirmed that Anuel has been sued by Frabián Elí Carrión.

Anuel, who will be releasing a new single at midnight tonight, is once again facing problems with the law, as Yailin's husband has a lawsuit against him by Frabián Elí Carrión Barreto, who served for years as his manager.

According to reports from the EFE news agency, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, who claims that there is a black campaign to end his career, has been sued by Frabián, who claims that the singer committed breach of contract. Find out the details below.

According to the renowned music manager, who has also been a key player in the success of singers such as Arcángel, Anuel broke the legal agreement between them, which stated that Carrión would be his manager until 2026.

Likewise, Frabián pointed out before the court in Florida, United States, where he took the legal action, that last August 20 he was removed from his position as CEO of the company Real Hasta la Muerte, LLC, without having been notified of it.

Frabián, who indicated that while Anuel was in prison he continued working for him without pay, stressed that his dismissal was a unilateral decision by the singer who married Yailin, who a few days ago threatened to sue anyone who invents falsehoods about him.

The news about the lawsuit that Anuel is facing, which has been spread by Caribbean media such as 'Listin Diario' and 'De último minuto', is released shortly after it transpired that Astrid Cuevas sued the singer for not taking care of Pablo Anuel, their son in common.

Faced with the legal problems he is currently experiencing, Gazmey Santiago, the rapper's surname, has maintained that he is not an 'absent father'. Meanwhile, so far, he has not reacted to the lawsuit that Frabián Elí Carrión allegedly filed against him.

As pointed out in an article of the portal 'Primera Hora', Anuel and Frabián Elí Carrión have known each other since their adolescence, approximately since they were 13 years old, hence it is known that, in addition to a working relationship, there was a friendship between them.

In this regard, it should be noted that the former music manager of the interpreter of 'Real hasta la muerte' was included for two consecutive years in the Latin Power Players chart of 'Billboard' magazine.

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