What's New On Youtube Is What They're Taking To

Although YouTube was born as a website for computers, today more and more people enjoy their favorite videos on mobile or tablet, thanks to the official YouTube app for Android and iOS. But this experience could be better, and more adapted to mobile use.

For example, one of the big problems with watching videos on mobile is that the screen is touch-sensitive; so any touch, no matter how small, causes the interface to react. If we're watching a video, that means the interface can pop up and cover part of the image, take us out of full screen, or even pause the video completely.

Fortunately, YouTube has already found a solution, although there are two pieces of bad news: for starters, it's only available on a temporary basis as part of a trial period; and it's only available to YouTube Premium users.

The new feature is very simple, which is why it's surprising that it's taken so long to arrive. It's a screen lock on YouTube that, once active, will make the screen unresponsive to our accidental touches. Therefore, even if we touch the screen when a video is playing, it will not pause, nor will the interface appear or there will be any kind of interruption in the viewing.

To get this feature, we must take two steps. First, and as we have already mentioned, we need an account with YouTube Premium, YouTube's paid service that allows access to benefits such as the elimination of ads, features such as downloading videos, and also new experimental features. The latter is the case with this feature, which is considered 'experimental' because it has not been fully implemented for all users.

Once we have a Premium account, we must enter the YouTube experiments page, and in the "Screen Lock" section, we must click on the activate button. From then on, when we are watching a video in full screen on the mobile, we must click on the gear button in the upper right corner; there we will find a new option, called "Lock screen".

I apologize if I still misunderstand your question, but it seems you are asking about the latest trends or content on YouTube that people are interested in or paying attention to. YouTube is a platform that hosts a wide variety of content created by individuals, organizations, and media companies. The content on YouTube can range from vlogs, music videos, tutorials, comedy sketches, news segments, and much more.

To find out what's new on YouTube and what people are talking about, you can visit the YouTube homepage or explore different categories and channels. YouTube often highlights popular and trending videos on its homepage, which can give you an idea of the content that is currently popular or gaining attention.

Additionally, YouTube also offers features such as trending topics, popular channels, and recommended videos based on your viewing history and preferences. These features can help you discover the latest and most popular content on the platform.

Please note that YouTube's content is constantly evolving and can vary depending on the region, language, and individual preferences of users.

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