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The iphone of the future will no longer need protective cases

The iphone of the future will no longer need protective cases

a new patent granted to apple hints that the iphone of the future will be so durable that it won’t need a protective case. in the spatial compounds document approved by the u.s. patent office, u.s. cupertino engineers propose a mix of materials to make the phone’s chassis.

Apple mentions that electronic devices (such as the iPhone) are ubiquitous in society and come into contact with various surfaces that cause wear and tear. manufacturers have chosen to use materials to protect it, although there is currently no perfect formula.

Metal cases may be particularly resistant to dents, scratches or breakage, but they can interfere with radio signals entering or emitting from the device, the patent says. Ceramic cases can be resistant to radiation and transparent to radio signals, but can be fragile, it says.

the iphone chassis (or case) would be made of a moldable material – polymer or amorphous metal – and abrasion-resistant elements. the latter would be made of metal or ceramic and would be harder than the substrate. the patent includes graphics showing the elements embedded throughout the body.

apple’s patent mentions some combinations of materials to achieve a desirable balance in terms of protection, the iphone not only has to be attractive in design, but also resistant to scratches, water and breakage or abrasion. the composite should also not interfere with the signals, as it would attack its functionality.

one proposal includes plastic to form structural walls and durable material elements (materials, glass or ceramics) that are stretched over the surface.
The elements can be harder than the plastic structure, and thus improve overall abrasion resistance, the patent says. As a result, the chassis can be more scratch-resistant than other housings, it says.

Hardware advances: Future iPhones are expected to feature improvements in terms of performance, processing power and energy efficiency. This could include improvements in processors, cameras, displays and storage capacity.

5G connectivity: As 5G technology continues to expand, future iPhones are likely to support 5G networks to enable faster download and upload speeds, as well as a more stable connection.

Camera improvements – Apple has emphasized camera quality in its iPhones, and it is likely that they will continue to improve in this area. Improvements in resolution, low-light performance, image stabilization, and possible advances in computational photography are expected.

Design and display: Apple typically makes changes to the design of its devices with each generation. It is expected that future iPhones may feature refreshed designs, such as thinner bezels, bezel-less displays, and possibly the incorporation of emerging technologies, such as foldable displays.

Augmented reality (AR) enhancements – Apple has shown a strong interest in augmented reality in recent years. It is possible that future iPhones will include improvements in AR capabilities, such as more advanced sensors and more sophisticated apps that take advantage of this technology.

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