impressive astronomical phenomenon to be seen tonight july 21th

The night sky this July is being starred by Mars and Venus after sunset, while Jupiter and Saturn rule the sky at dawn. The Milky Way is also a must-see in dark skies, such as these days where the Moon is still in reduced illumination.

According to NASA, this Thursday, July 20, the crescent Moon appears right next to Mars in the western sky after sunset. Venus joins the party, and will appear below the Moon and Mars. This approach is known as a conjunction, and you need only look up to enjoy this event.

It doesn't end there yet, as by early tomorrow morning, Friday the 21st, the Moon remains close to Mars. According to Star Walk 2, this July 21, the crescent Moon will be close to Mars. Both objects will be observable after sunset, in the constellation Leo. In addition, Venus and the star Regulus will also be visible forming a cosmic triangle with Mars.

How and at what time can you enjoy the event?
To enjoy these events, you just have to look up at the sky from about an hour before sunrise in an easterly direction. We recommend viewing around 3 or 4 a.m. depending on your local time (conjunction is at 2:57 Mexico City time GMT-6). It can be seen from anywhere, although you should consider weather conditions.

Next, let's take a look at some celestial events for this July, according to NASA:

-Through the end of July: Venus and Mars are visible in the west after sunset. They appear farther apart and slightly lower in the sky as the month progresses.

-Through late July: Saturn sits high in the south late in the evening and early morning, with the bright star Fomalhaut visible halfway between the planet and the horizon.

-Till late July: the core of our galaxy, the Milky Way, forms a faint diagonal band of light to the south as soon as it gets completely dark. You'll need to be under dark skies away from city lights to see it, as light pollution easily overcomes its brightness.

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