The new Need for Speed ​​is coming from a racing development dream team

The Need for Speed ​​series has a long history and, within it, there are amazing highs alongside the lows. For me the greatest era for the games was when EA put Criterion on it, then best-known for the Burnout series, who produced several standout entries including Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit—a top-notch action racer, and arguably the best in the series.

However good the games were, Need for Speed ​​has always shifted units, although in recent years it really felt like they’ve just been spinning their wheels. The last installment, 2019’s Need for Speed ​​Heat, was completely fine but didn’t feel like anything special and, in a world where Playground’s now raced through five Forza Horizons, just didn’t have that excitement factor. Clearly publisher EA thinks something needs changing, too, because now it has moved the series from previous developer Ghost Games over to two of its internal studios that, for racing fans, can only be called a dream team: Codemasters and Criterion.

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