The Best Vibey Cat Trees and Beds 2022

We would do anything for our cat, because no one besides dear mommy is better at giving us such loving (and slightly reluctant) love. What other creature can morph into our Netflix friend, attentive confidant, and personal pillow? Only our fluffy little ragdoll, who is that. Long furs notwithstanding, there’s simply no other entity on Earth that deserves more treats upon treats, and the kind of cat furniture that would do Louis XIV feel like a commoner.

We have equipped our homes with the best cat proof furnitureand now it’s time to spoil Fluffy with a lavish cat post (or five). Modern cat furniture slaps these days, and you don’t have to be on it Pet Budget at Paris Hilton to let your cat swing from a hammock, take a nap on a plush flower, or hole up in an egg-worthy chair Matti Suuronen. You just need to know where to look.

Gone are the days of settling for a basic scratching post that looks like a pile of frozen oatmeal. Your baby angel deserves more spice, and lucky for you, we don’t have friends, tons of time, and more cats than the New York State Department of Health should ever know, so we caving everywhere Amazon for Soft to bring you the best cat furniture, from southwest-inspired scratching posts to complete cottagecore fantasy and more. Open the fancy feastand let’s roll.

Your cat is Don Draper

The urge to curl up and wring a Bond villain inside this retro cat furniture is such strong. Your kitty will be tempted to light a Cuban cigar, demand a million rubies, and use weaponized meows to ensure her coat is freshly brushed when you bring her such a futuristic fiberglass palate.

$351 to Houzz

Want a mid-century modern vibe with a little extra warmth? Opt for rattan and woven materials. The Esperanza Round Cat Bed will have your baby Joni Mitchell meowing, while the Deborah Cat Perch, Bed and Scratching Post Combo will dampen your cat’s sweet peach for 22% off the original price. In the words of reviewers, “both aesthetically pleasing AND cat-approved!”

$119.99$93.16 to Wayfair

$75.99 to Wayfair

Groove is in the paws

Does your cat own a pair of gogo boots? Or maybe they played in a Wee-Lite music video in 1999? Then he deserves a proper cat tree groove soul, like those cat furniture filled with flowers and butterflies that, frankly, we are extremely jealous of. (Where’s the human-sized flower throne??) For now, watching our kitten as it sits inside a daisy will suffice.

$249.99$211.99 to Wayfair

$249.99$211.99 to Wayfair

$58.99 to Amazon

$199.99$169.99 to Wayfair

$199.99$169.99 to Wayfair

full goblincore

The other side of such Starburst flower energy is moss goblincore aesthetic, which can make its way into your cat furniture choices by way of a mushroom cat tree, a squash worth sleeping in, and the kind of cat tree that will make your cat feel like a Ent.

$27.99 to Amazon

$49.97 to Soft

$199.99$128.96 to Wayfair

$199.99$128.96 to Wayfair

Your cat loves queso

Everyone deserves the kind of cat tree that transports them to a summer night in Joshua Treeand these two cactus-inspired setups are just what the peyote doctor ordered to keep the good times going and your kitty looking like he owns a 10-gallon hat (and knows how to make a mean queso).

$42.99 to Amazon

$88.99 to Amazon

In fact, your cat is queso.

$25 to Soft

The postmodern kitty

Sophisticated furniture for a sophisticated kitten. This fruit-shaped cat tree in contrasting colors is nothing less than a Memphis Design Movement throne, and comes with so many uniquely shaped views on which your fluffy friend can observe the world.

$128.99 to Amazon

Bring them the beach

Your cat Most likely don’t blame you for not taking them on vacation to Barbados, but just to be on the safe side, you should buy them this tropical kitty tree paradise. For less than $50, you can entertain your furry baby with a hammock, palm tree scratching post, and the obligatory stand.

$49.99 to Amazon

cherry bomb

Hello dad; Hello Mom! We can’t wait to get home and witness our cat’s impromptu burlesque routine on those sweet cherries.

$159.99 to Amazon

Meet at the dog park. (Lol, JK—never, #cats4lyfe.)

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