“I would have paid any price”

In February last year she underwent a radical hysterectomy which, along with the removal of her uterus, included her fallopian tubes, cervix, part of her vagina and a large selection of pelvic lymph nodes. . His lymph nodes were, it turns out, clear. Such radical surgery meant she didn’t need chemo or radiation. She is … Read more

The only holiday where vaccine passports still rule

‘I suggested she could take two tests instead, but P&O refuses to use any discretion – it means we have to cancel the holiday,’ he told Telegraph Travel. “This causes us enormous disappointment, as you can guess after so long, and although those rebooking are more likely to understand the requirements, we feel it has … Read more

Dogs could be the source of an epidemic of hepatitis in children, scientists fear

Health officials are investigating whether the dogs are behind it an increase in cases of hepatitis in children, he emerged. The UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) said on Friday the number of cases of sudden hepatitis had jumped by 18 since last week to 163, including 11 children who have undergone a liver transplant after … Read more

Ryanair denied us boarding, ruining our family Easter holiday and costing us £4,000

Telegraph Travel receives a number of questions from readers every week. Below, Oliver Smith, Deputy Head of Travel, reflects on the latest dilemma. David Cannel writes… I saw your recent article about a couple who lost over £1,000 after being turned away at the airport by Ryanair despite holding valid passports. We suffered the same … Read more

Lloyd’s of London set for £8bn dogfight over planes ‘stolen’ by Putin

Lloyd’s of London is preparing for a dogfight with the owners of hundreds of planes seized by Vladimir Putin’s regime. The 336-year-old insurance market has reportedly hired law firm Clyde & Co to see if it can ‘dismiss’ claims against planes worth up to $10 billion (8 billion pounds). The Kremlin moves 500 commercial aircraft … Read more

How to holiday like the Crawleys in the south of France

What it may not show is that the 1929 episode was, unbeknownst to most, the last flicker of noble British preeminence on the Riviera. We had invented the Mediterranean stretch as a tourist destination, first for the sake of our health – the area was essentially a sunny winter sanatorium – and then for pleasure. … Read more

I persuaded my wife to get a puppy – and now I’m in charge of looking after it

Six months ago, after two years of lobbying, I finally convinced my wife to get a puppy. I have such fond memories of the black Labrador I grew up with and wanted our three children to have the same experience, but to begin with, my wife was adamant, saying a dog was too responsible and … Read more

The 20 countries that have scrapped all mask rules

The mask slips. After two years of hidden faces and muffled conversations, mask rules are being abandoned around the world. Most Britons abandoned the divisive mask in January, triggering something of a domino effect. Norway and Denmark soon followed suit, as did a handful of Eastern European countries. Reluctant Scotland joined the club this week, … Read more