Why You Should Plan Your Next Vacation on Google Travel Instead of a Spreadsheet

Screenshot: Emilie Long Happy to go on vacation, but not happy to prepare your travel plans? The very idea of ​​dozens of browser tabs and hours of work to find flights, hotels, restaurants and things to do and then make all those reservations and keeping everything organized – is (almost) enough for one person to … Read more

Square Enix Sends FFXIV Players To In-Game Jail For Using Mods

Picture: Square-Enix At least two Final Fantasy XIV players pulled into an in-game jail by moderators while streaming the massively multiplayer online game this week. Many believe this was done to reprimand them for using third-party modifications to optimize HUD details for high-level raiding, a frequent pain point in the relationship between the community and … Read more

You Can Now (Try And) Play The Leaked 2001 Duke Nukem Forever Build

Picture: Duke Nukem Forever You know how yesterday we wrote about that 2001 build of the infamous Duke Nukem Foreverand how it was supposed to be released to the public in June? Yeah, by “June”, they meant “the day after”, because it’s now available to download and try out. Everything present in the 4chan leak … Read more

Where Elden Ring Fans Go To Reveal Their Most Shameful Habits

If you or a loved one has been called out by ‘Make Up A Tarnished Guy’ you may be entitled to even compensation.Picture: Bandai Namco/Sunrise/Kotaku It’s not often that you see someone boldly call out souls players for the silly clothes they’ve learned over the years, but this Elden Ring account is doing so with … Read more

MicroStrategy Stock Is Crumbling as Bitcoin Slides and Rates Rise

Bitcoin’s tumbling price is dragging down MicroStrategy’s stock. Dreamstime Text size MicroStrategy , a software and Bitcoin holding company, was tumbling again as the price of the crypto continued to slide. Shares of MicroStrategy (ticker: MSTR) were down 23% in trading Monday, to around $227 a share. The company held 129,218 Bitcoins on its balance … Read more

Meet The Only Person Keeping Action RPG Babylon’s Fall Alive

Babylon’s Fall, the troubled live-service action-RPG from action game luminaries Platinum Games, has seemingly hit life support. After two months on the market and a lukewarm reception at launch, Square Enix’s latest effort was reduced to just one player on PC last week. They revealed themselves on Twitter after VGC reported the shocking player count … Read more

Fortnite Sued Over Dance Emote By Choreographer To Bieber, J.Lo

Picture: Hecht Partners LLP On March 29, lawyers representing choreographer Kyle Hanagami sued Epic Games for copyright infringement over the “It’s Complicated” dance emote in Fortnite. The in-game emote begins with movements which Hanagami’s lawyers allege are lifted from copyrighted dance moves created by the choreographer. The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of … Read more

Videogames ‘Fortnite,’ ‘Minecraft’ Catapult Smiley Salamander to Global Fame

Pollution and other man-made ills weigh heavily on Mexico’s axolotl, a rare salamander popular among Aztecs back in the day. Its population in the wild has fallen by something like 99% in the past three decades, one expert said. Yet the creature’s popularity has never been higher, propelled by the same modern age chasing them … Read more

Apple Mail now blocks email tracking. Here’s what that means for you

Nothing does you more paranoid about privacy than working in a marketing department. Trust me. For example, did you know that marketers track each time you open an email newsletter and where you were when you did? Apple caused a bit of a panic among marketers in September 2021 by effectively making this tracking impossible … Read more