Cats, Dogs, & Abortion Views

Photo: Kotaku/Alex Wong (Getty Images) An internal email from PlayStation president Jim Ryan contains several paragraphs about cats, but doesn’t contain a hard stance in support of his staff’s reproductive rights, and even asks employees to “respect” anti-abortion views and opinions, leaving many PlayStation staff angry and upset. As reported by Bloomberg earlier today and … Read more

Bloodborne Is Scarier Than Ever In 2022

screenshot: FromSoftware Somewhere, a baby is crying. Their lonely yelps stick to the air like mist sticks to glass. The sound stretches out over the mirror of water upon which Rom, the Vacuous Spider just died as the nightmare moon descends. It trails you through every unlit building, but melts into happy giggles when you … Read more

Leaked US Supreme Court Roe v Wade draft: How personal data could help enforce abortion ban laws in states like Texas

WASHINGTON — A wave of new legislation taking aim at abortion rights across the country is raising concerns about the potential use of personal data to punish people who seek information about or access to abortion services online, CNN reported. In some of the most restrictive states, digital rights experts warn that people’s search histories, … Read more