K-9 featured in Netflix’s ‘Rescued by Ruby’ euthanized

A Rhode Island dog whose inspiring story of going from shelter dog to life-saving police K-9 became the subject of a recent Netflix movie has been euthanized ByThe Associated Press May 15, 2022, 5:05 PM • 3 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article PROVIDENCE, RI — In Rhode Island dog whose inspiring … Read more

Concerns grow over underage drinking related to Virginia’s cocktails to-go law

Underaged drinkers exploit online delivery apps to get alcohol FOX 5’s Perris Jones reports on the growing concerns about underaged drinkers in Virginia taking advantage of the state’s cocktails to-go law. VIRGINIA – The cocktails to-go law in Virginia was meant to help businesses struggling during the pandemic, but now there’s concern that underage drinkers … Read more

Hoping to snag a cheap airline ticket for summer travel? Good luck, new inflation data show

Airfare costs have taken off ahead of a summer travel season running on steep demand and high gas prices, according to new price inflation data released Wednesday. The record-breaking cost increase for airline tickets stood out in a Consumer Price Index reportt that showed an overall 0.3% increase in the cost of living from March … Read more

Everything you need to know to get your yard ready for summer

This article is reprinted by permission from The Escape Home, a newsletter for second homeowners and those who want to be. Subscribe here. © 2022. All rights reserved. This week we caught up with Jeff Keiter, our resident landscape architecture guru, who previously chatted with us about winter trends for your yard. Today we are … Read more

Tricks for finding summer travel bargains

The majority of Americans — 7 out of 10 — plan to travel in the next 12 months for leisure, according to a February Nerd Wallet survey. Many Americans are looking to travel this summer, and most hope to find a good deal. Air travel has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels. The number of flyers … Read more

‘Open discussion of salary is protected by law’: Should you tell your coworkers your salary — or keep it a secret?

Hello and welcome to Financial Face-off, a MarketWatch column where we help you weigh financial decisions. Our columnist will give her verdict. Tell us whether you think she’s right in the comments. And please share your suggestions for future Financial Face-off columns. The job market is hot and so are salaries. People are quitting jobs … Read more

Security expert warns against using app to turn yourself into a cartoon character – Winnipeg

The artificial intelligence artist app Voila allows people to turn their everyday photos into cartoon versions and though this may be tempting to do, security expert Ritesh Kotak told Global News it could also be threatening to your security as the app could be taking more than just your picture. “If you had your location … Read more

Videogames ‘Fortnite,’ ‘Minecraft’ Catapult Smiley Salamander to Global Fame

Pollution and other man-made ills weigh heavily on Mexico’s axolotl, a rare salamander popular among Aztecs back in the day. Its population in the wild has fallen by something like 99% in the past three decades, one expert said. Yet the creature’s popularity has never been higher, propelled by the same modern age chasing them … Read more

Disney government in dark about effect of law dissolving it

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — At the first meeting of Walt Disney World’s private government since Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a measure to dissolve it next year, officials said Wednesday they were still confused about what the new legislation meant, even as some ripple effects were starting to be felt. The … Read more