‘Open discussion of salary is protected by law’: Should you tell your coworkers your salary — or keep it a secret?

Hello and welcome to Financial Face-off, a MarketWatch column where we help you weigh financial decisions. Our columnist will give her verdict. Tell us whether you think she’s right in the comments. And please share your suggestions for future Financial Face-off columns. The job market is hot and so are salaries. People are quitting jobs … Read more

Millennials are already thinking about retirement, but are they thinking about the right things?

Move over baby boomers. Generation X too. The largest group in the United States is now millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996. According to the Brookings Institution, they now make up 22% of the US population, or about 74 million people, slightly more than the Americans. baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964). and … Read more

“It put everyone in a weird position”: Our waitress said a 20% service charge was added to cover benefits and health insurance, but it wasn’t a tip. Is this normal?

I went to brunch last weekend and when the waitress handed us the bill she said a 20% service charge had been added to cover her benefits and health insurance but that wasn’t was not a tip. I am absolutely in favor of paying restaurants and servers a living wage and they deserve to have … Read more

America’s ‘Highest Paid’ Internship Pays Nearly $10,000 A Month – And Even Lets You Work Remotely

Are you looking for work experience? Silicon Valley companies are competing for tech interns. The careers site Glassdoor published this week its 25 Highest Paid Internships in America report for 2022. With unemployment falling and wages rising, and so many workers on the move as we enter the third year of the pandemic, this makes … Read more