The Switch Lineup Is Gonna Totally Dominate The Rest Of 2022

screenshot: nintendo Following yesterday’s delay of red fall and Starfield, Microsoft’s two big blockbusters for the year, the release slate for the back half of 2022 might seem especially barren. Pop quiz: Have you been paying attention to the Switch? Read More: So Much For Video Game Release Dates As my colleague Ethan Gach pointed … Read more

Round Up: The Internet Celebrates Kirby’s 30th Birthday

Picture: Nintendo Life/Gemma Smith It’s official, folks: Kirby franchise is now 30 years old – can you believe it? When HAL Laboratory’s first title in the series – Kirby’s Dreamland – launched on April 27, 1992, we doubt anyone really believed the little pink blob would become one of the most recognized and celebrated figures … Read more

Elisabeth Moss travels back in time to track down a killer

Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Moura in shiny girlsPhoto: AppleTV+ Who is threatening Elisabeth Moss this time? The movie actor’s frequently beleaguered characters have resisted 1960s corporate sexism, theofascist patriarchyeven a fucking invisible and abusive ex. Moss’ latest project (as star, director and co-executive producer) aims to leave those sufferings in the dust. In eight-part Apple … Read more

Kirby’s New Game Ends As Scary As Its Predecessors

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Since Kirby’s debut in 1992, most of its games have started out cute and cuddly to reveal a few. monstrous, lovecraftian horror at their conclusion. It’s a often granny pattern that we expect from each installment. But the last outing of the pink puffball, Kirby and the Forgotten Landstill managed to … Read more

Ranking Kirby and Forgotten Earth enemies by how much I don’t want to kill them

In the magazine business, the back page is where you’ll find all the weird gaffes we couldn’t fit anywhere else. Some may call it “filling”; we prefer “a whole page to make terrible jokes that are tangentially related to the content of the mag”. We don’t have (paper) pages on the internet, but we still … Read more