Cats, Dogs, & Abortion Views

Photo: Kotaku/Alex Wong (Getty Images) An internal email from PlayStation president Jim Ryan contains several paragraphs about cats, but doesn’t contain a hard stance in support of his staff’s reproductive rights, and even asks employees to “respect” anti-abortion views and opinions, leaving many PlayStation staff angry and upset. As reported by Bloomberg earlier today and … Read more

With Starfield and BotW 2 Delays, 2022 Loses More Big Games

Picture: Sony/Kotaku Bethesda’s open world space rpg Starfield is the latest major 2022 release to slip into next year. But will it be the last? Probably not. So who’s next? God of War Ragnarok? Bayonetta 3? Gotham Knights? This fall, traditionally the biggest release season of the year, remains an almost entirely blank slate, and … Read more