South Africa in a new wave of COVID from omicron releases

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa is experiencing a surge of new COVID-19 cases caused by two omicron subvariants, health experts say. For about three weeks, the country has seen an increase in the number of new cases and somewhat higher hospitalizations, but no increase in severe cases and deaths, said Professor Marta Nunes, researcher at … Read more

North Korea’s Covid outbreak: what we know and don’t know

CNN — North Korea’s first reported Covid-19 outbreak is the “biggest turmoil” to hit the country since its founding more than 70 years ago, according to its leader Kim Jong Un, as the isolated and impoverished nation crumbles. struggles to curb the spread of a highly transmissible virus that threatens to cause a major humanitarian … Read more

More than half of first Covid-19 patients in a hospital had symptoms two years later, study finds

CNN — Even two years after their initial infection, the majority of people hospitalized with Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic had persistent symptoms, according to a new study which could be one of the longest and largest ever recorded to follow people. who have had Covid for a long time. The study, published … Read more

Lessons from China’s Covid lockdowns

A man wearing personal protective equipment walks near a locked area due to the recent Covid-19 coronavirus outbreaks in Beijing on May 10. Photo: Christmas celis/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images Beijing’s Covid lockdowns are an economic danger for China and everyone, and the Communist Party seems to know it. Witness recent and belated attempts to spur economic … Read more

Li Keqiang: China’s employment situation is “complex and serious”

hong kong CNN Business — One of China’s top leaders has painted a bleak picture of the labor market in the world’s most populous nation amid widespread Covid lockdowns slam the brakes on the economy. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang – the No. 2 in the hierarchy of China’s ruling Communist Party – described the employment … Read more

Kids Are Getting Long Covid Too, And It Can Show Up In Unexpected Ways

CNN — November 10 is a day that Kim Ford remembers all too well. It was the day last year that her 9-year-old son, Jack, was due for a Covid-19 shot at the school clinic. They were thrilled that he finally had some protection, but on November 9, he got the sniffles. “When he woke … Read more

New study finds omicron no less severe than previous variants, not just more transmissible

A new study led by researchers from Harvard Medical School and others has found that the omicron variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is just as severe as previous variants, and no more transmissible but no less severe, as reported. thought so before. The study was based on records of 130,000 COVID patients in … Read more

Xi Jinping sends warning to all who question China’s zero-Covid policy

hong kong CNN — China’s top leader Xi Jinping has issued the starkest warning yet against anyone questioning the country’s zero Covid policyas strict and frequent shutdowns fuel public discontent and deal a devastating blow to China’s economy. In a meeting chaired by Xi on Thursday, the ruling Communist Party’s Politburo Supreme Standing Committee pledged … Read more

Omicron sub-variants: new fitter Covid-19 viruses start generating their own waves

CNN — The numbers are undeniable: even with patchy reports, Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising again in the United States. Cases are trending up in most states and are up more than 50% from the previous week in Washington, Mississippi, Georgia, Maine, Hawaii, South Dakota, Nevada and Montana. In New York, more than a … Read more

Omicron has caused an increase in the number of deaths among vaccinated people, analysis shows, although unvaccinated people remain most at risk

The omicron variant of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 that has swept across the United States since late last year has had a grimmer toll than previous variants, including in people who have been vaccinated and even received booster shots. It depends a Washington Post analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and … Read more