The Switch Lineup Is Gonna Totally Dominate The Rest Of 2022

screenshot: nintendo Following yesterday’s delay of red fall and Starfield, Microsoft’s two big blockbusters for the year, the release slate for the back half of 2022 might seem especially barren. Pop quiz: Have you been paying attention to the Switch? Read More: So Much For Video Game Release Dates As my colleague Ethan Gach pointed … Read more

With Starfield and BotW 2 Delays, 2022 Loses More Big Games

Picture: Sony/Kotaku Bethesda’s open world space rpg Starfield is the latest major 2022 release to slip into next year. But will it be the last? Probably not. So who’s next? God of War Ragnarok? Bayonetta 3? Gotham Knights? This fall, traditionally the biggest release season of the year, remains an almost entirely blank slate, and … Read more

Sony Promises Ton More PS5 Stock When China Lockdown Ends

Picture: Sony/Kotaku We’re over a year into the PlayStation 5’s life cycle and Sony still can’t make anywhere near enough of them. It hopes that could change soon. The company is promising to sell 18 million more PS5s in the next year if the current covid lockdown in China only lasts a couple of months. … Read more