Dog on lead dispute leads to Townsville luxury apartment owner selling up, relocating

Greg Peel owned an apartment in a building on Townsville’s waterfront for more than a decade, but he decided it was time to live somewhere else when his request to restrain his dog on a lead was denied. Mr Peel said he was aware of a body corporate by-law that required any approved pet to … Read more

Where to take your dogs for fun this summer in Utah

UTAH (ABC4) – As the Dog Days of Summer begin inching closer, it’s the perfect time to take your furry best friend to enjoy some fun in the sun. This summer, treat yourself by soaking up the sunshine as your pooch explores new surroundings while meeting friends. Salt Lake County and beyond is hosting a … Read more

You and your pets could be at higher risk for tickborne illnesses this month: What to know

People and pets in Metro Detroit are expected to face a higher-than-normal risk for Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis this month, according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC). CAPC, a nonprofit, is recommending that pet owners talk to their veterinarians about getting their pets year-round protection from tickborne illnesses through annual testing and preventatives. The … Read more

Free hotline offers seniors a virtual session with their very own ‘therapy cat’

Know someone who’s over 60 and feeling lonely? Help is just a phone call away. Purina Cat Chow has partnered with two non-profits in order to bring senior citizens some much-needed virtual therapy cat visits. Wait…that’s a thing? When we think of the term “therapy animal,” most of us are probably inclined to picture a … Read more

How a lost dog inspired two friends to build a pet tracker that grew into a full-fledged petcare startup

As a pet parent active on social media, WhatsApp and Telegram groups, and someone who keeps her ear to the ground for any developments in this space, two things have happened over the pandemic when it comes to pets: The bad: A lot of people who adopted pets during the pandemic are now abandoning them … Read more

I married my cat to get around my landlord’s pet restrictions

It was an un-fur-gettable occasion. Deborah Hodge recently married her cat, India, in a loophole scheme to avoid rental restrictions, which have barred Hodge from bringing animals into the unit. Fed up, the 49-year-old woman from London devised a plan to marry her cat after already having rehomed three previous pets due to landlords who … Read more

Dogs in the office? Paw-sible. Pet ownership soared during the pandemic and workplaces are responding to changing employee needs

Who let the dogs in? In-person work is back at many GTA offices and employers are responding to shifting needs in the workplace. A significant change in the pandemic was that a whopping 10 per cent of Canadians got pets between June 2020 and June 2021. To offer compelling incentives to existing workers and prospective … Read more