Hoping to snag a cheap airline ticket for summer travel? Good luck, new inflation data show

Airfare costs have taken off ahead of a summer travel season running on steep demand and high gas prices, according to new price inflation data released Wednesday. The record-breaking cost increase for airline tickets stood out in a Consumer Price Index reportt that showed an overall 0.3% increase in the cost of living from March … Read more

Palm oil: Indonesia’s export ban could drive up prices

hong kong CNN Business — Indonesia will start restricting exports of Palm oil this week, a decision that could deepen the global food crisis and drive up the prices of hundreds of consumer products. President Joko Widodo announcement On Friday Indonesia would suspend exports of cooking oil and the raw materials used to make it, … Read more

My stepfather is dead. He inherited my late mother’s estate and always said he would take care of us in his will. How do you approach this issue tactfully with your children?

Dear Quentin, My ex-stepfather passed away a month ago. He was married to my mom in Nevada when he died 21 years ago. During their marriage, she gave him quite a bit of money from her retirement fund to buy and maintain properties he owned. When she died, her assets – including her pension and … Read more

The Perseverance rover watches the eclipse of Mars’ “potato” moon

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news about fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN — The Perseverance rover just witnessed some sort of unique eclipse while sitting on the surface of Mars – and the robotic explorer captured video of it. And although it looks like the rover … Read more

How bad is bond market carnage? This unlikely sector is down 10% as inflation weighs on returns.

High-quality bonds should hold up better than stocks, right? Especially if the defaults aren’t really the concern. But that hasn’t been the case lately for the debt issued by many Fortune 500 companies, a sector particularly hard hit since the Federal Reserve shifted its stance to urgently cool inflation. High quality US corporate bonds, the … Read more

UK inflation hits 30-year high at 7%

British consumer price inflation reached its highest level in three decades last month, intensifying the pressure on the besieged Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Finance Minister Rishi Sunak to ease cut in the cost of living. The annual inflation rate climbed to 7.0% in March from 6.2% in February, its highest since March 1992 … Read more

Biden calls Ukraine atrocities ‘genocide’ for first time

CNN — President Joe Biden said on Tuesday the atrocities uncovered in Ukraine qualified as genocide, a designation he previously avoided but now believes is justified as scenes of devastation emerge from towns once overrun by Russian troops. “I called it genocide because it has become increasingly clear that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is simply … Read more

“It put everyone in a weird position”: Our waitress said a 20% service charge was added to cover benefits and health insurance, but it wasn’t a tip. Is this normal?

I went to brunch last weekend and when the waitress handed us the bill she said a 20% service charge had been added to cover her benefits and health insurance but that wasn’t was not a tip. I am absolutely in favor of paying restaurants and servers a living wage and they deserve to have … Read more

How to Protect Pet Bowls From Bacterial Contaminants

CNN — The way we feed our pets, store their food and wash their dishes can have negative health consequences if not done correctly, for both humans and animals. There have been several disease outbreaks in humans following exposure to E.coli– and salmonella-contaminated dog food, which has been more likely in commercial and homemade raw … Read more

America’s ‘Highest Paid’ Internship Pays Nearly $10,000 A Month – And Even Lets You Work Remotely

Are you looking for work experience? Silicon Valley companies are competing for tech interns. The careers site Glassdoor published this week its 25 Highest Paid Internships in America report for 2022. With unemployment falling and wages rising, and so many workers on the move as we enter the third year of the pandemic, this makes … Read more