The rustic, no-frills vacation you should book now

Photo: DENIS LOVROVIC/AFP (Getty Images) I gave birth to my first goat in 2019. Technically it was two goats, twin girls, who both needed to be heated with a hair dryer while the goat herder cared for their stoic mother. Without socks and in pajamas, I was called in at around 6:30 a.m. to help … Read more

Bird flu quarantines organic chickens from Pennsylvania to France

CHICAGO/PARIS, May 2 (Reuters) – Organic and free-range chickens have been confined. Laying hens that normally have access to the outdoors can no longer roam as freely or feel the sun on their beaks, as some US and European farmers temporarily keep their flocks indoors during deadly bird flu outbreaks, according to the egg producers … Read more

Indonesia’s Palm Oil Export Ban Leaves Global Buyers Without a Plan B

People buy cooking oil made from palm oil at a supermarket in Jakarta, Indonesia, March 27, 2022. REUTERS/Willy Kurniawan Join now for FREE unlimited access to Register All Vegetable Oil Prices Set to Jump Due to Supply Disruption Buyers can’t replace Indonesian palm oil shortage Soybean oil supply, canola oil hit by drought, sunflower … Read more

Bird flu and war in Ukraine drive up egg prices around the world

CHICAGO/PARIS, April 14 (Reuters) – Severe outbreaks of bird flu in the United States and France are tightening global egg supplies and raising prices for the staple as war in Ukraine disrupts shipments to Europe and the Middle East. The higher prices are particularly painful for consumers who rely on eggs as a low-cost source … Read more

Cosmic ‘beacons’ that emit gamma rays could reveal gravitational waves all around us

A team of astronomers has compiled 12.5 years of data from the Gammy Fermi ray space Telescope to form a synchronization array of gamma-ray pulsars, a system of cosmic beacons that could help reveal ripples in spacetime. Since first observation gravitational waves in 2016, astronomers and astrophysicists tried to pin down the bottom of gravitational … Read more

California food waste law proves burdensome in small towns as fuel costs rise

CHICO, California, April 8 (Reuters) – A California law requiring grocery stores and restaurants to donate leftover food has been difficult for local food banks and small towns to implement due to rising fuel prices and uncertainty about who pays for food recovery. The effort to reduce methane emissions from discarded food sent to landfills … Read more