HSB and HELIXintel Provide Equipment Maintenance Platform for Insurance Customers | Business and finance

HARTFORD, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 12, 2022– Specialist insurer HSB has partnered with HELIXintel to offer a single online maintenance platform for businesses and other organizations to service critical building equipment, from air conditioning and refrigeration to lighting and heating systems , the company announced today. The HELIXintel digital platform helps customers manage their maintenance records and … Read more

Disney Plus adds 8 million subscribers—but it’s still operating at a loss

Disney+Photo: NICK AGRO/AFP via Getty Images When Disney first launched its streaming service Disney+ back in November of 2019, it did so with a long-term mindset. Streaming was, presumably, the future, and so the company was willing to burn a lot of money to catch up with more established performers in the industry—most notably Netflix, … Read more

Bitcoin Solves Unemployment In Africa

African youth make up the largest demographic of the continent and yet they suffer the most due to underrepresentation in the government. However, Bitcoin fixes this. “The idea whose time has come“has unlocked the full potential of African youth who are set to not only contribute to hyperbitcoinization directly but most importantly make ends meet … Read more

Column: Pending Legislation Attacks Private Health Insurance, Raising Costs | Columnists

Ericka McPherson Oklahoma Families for Affordable Health Care Oklahoma Families for Affordable Health Care It’s a common refrain on Capitol Hill in Oklahoma that lawmakers should pursue free market solutions, avoid costly government mandates, and not support special interests rather than the best interests of all Oklahomans. When it comes to health care policy, many … Read more

Ahead of hurricane season and summer storms, make sure you know how weather events are covered by your homeowners insurance – NBC Los Angeles

Tornado season is already underway and Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30. Any damages caused by weather conditions or other natural occurrences are not covered by the owners standard policies. Here’s what to check in your coverage. As the spring heat sets in, homeowners may want to make sure they’re prepared … Read more

Crypto investors panic amid digital coin, bitcoin crash

Crypto investors were panicking on Thursday as bitcoin and other digital coins continued to plummet. Victims of the bloodbath — which comes amid a broader stock market rout — range from the billionaire crypto titans who run leading marketplaces such as Coinbase and Binance to lowly retail investors who have poured their life savings into … Read more

Stablecoins, explained: Why the crash of Terra and Luna has investors on edge

London CNN Business — Within the often head-scratching world of cryptocurrenciesthere’s a small but growing sub-species known as “algorithmic stablecoins” that have some investors and regulators ringing alarm bells. This week, one popular so-called algo coin cratered, wiping out billions of dollars’ worth of value in just a few days. The coin, called TerraUSD, is … Read more

Inquiry on solar imports follows the law

WASHINGTON – Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo pushed back forcefully Wednesday against critics — including some within the Biden administration — who say a government investigation of solar imports from Southeast Asia is hindering President Joe Biden’s ambitious climate goals. Testifying on her department’s budget, Raimondo told a Senate panel that the solar inquiry is following … Read more

Hoping to snag a cheap airline ticket for summer travel? Good luck, new inflation data show

Airfare costs have taken off ahead of a summer travel season running on steep demand and high gas prices, according to new price inflation data released Wednesday. The record-breaking cost increase for airline tickets stood out in a Consumer Price Index reportt that showed an overall 0.3% increase in the cost of living from March … Read more