Tricks for finding summer travel bargains

The majority of Americans — 7 out of 10 — plan to travel in the next 12 months for leisure, according to a February Nerd Wallet survey. Many Americans are looking to travel this summer, and most hope to find a good deal. Air travel has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels. The number of flyers … Read more

Earnings preview: Is Disney+ in for a wake-up call like Netflix?

Is the Walt Disney Co. headed for a subscriber miss, like its biggest streaming rival? disney SAY, -3.00% has ferociously eaten into rival Netflix Inc.’s NFLX, -4.35% subscriber base since launching Disney+ in November 2019, climbing to 129.8 million subscribers. That is more than half of Netflix’s total of 219.6 million, which declined by 200,000 … Read more

Weekend Roundup: Why the Marquette University Law Poll includes sexist statements

Tea latest Marquette University Law Poll dropped on April 27. It includes some controversial questions, which resulted in some backlash, particularly on Twitter. Two of the questions in the poll ask surveyors if they agree with the following statements: Women seek to gain power by getting control over men. Women exaggerate problems they have at … Read more

Videogames ‘Fortnite,’ ‘Minecraft’ Catapult Smiley Salamander to Global Fame

Pollution and other man-made ills weigh heavily on Mexico’s axolotl, a rare salamander popular among Aztecs back in the day. Its population in the wild has fallen by something like 99% in the past three decades, one expert said. Yet the creature’s popularity has never been higher, propelled by the same modern age chasing them … Read more

Kawaii! Americans Drop Japanese Into Conversations Learned From Cartoons

Kristin Hart was surprised when her daughter started calling her Okaa-san. That’s “Mother” in Japanese, and it’s among the words Aimee, 12, has been increasingly using at home since she started watching anime—Japanese cartoon shows—including “My Hero Academia,” a TV series about superheroes in training. Aimee says she got hooked on the series and used … Read more

Jorts the Cat vs. Scabby the Rat: Rising Labor Movement Needs New Mascots

Preparing to support some workers going on strike last month, Courtney John, a parks and recreation worker in the Minneapolis area, designed her picket line closet. On it was an image of a chunky, ginger-haired fellow who has become one of organized labor’s biggest cheerleaders. He isn’t a member of any union himself. Technically, he … Read more

Opinion: Can you truly own anything in the metaverse? A law professor explains how blockchains and NFTs don’t protect virtual property

But did it? It turns out that legal ownership in the metaverse is not that simple. The prevailing but legally problematic narrative among crypto enthusiasts is that NFTs allow true ownership of digital items in the metaverse for two reasons: decentralization and interoperability. These two technological features have led some to claim that tokens provide … Read more