Sri Lanka crisis follows similar pattern to Arab Spring, analysts say

Thousands of Sri Lankans took to the streets on Monday to demand the ousting of Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa seen here on November 1, 2021 in Glasgow, UK. Andy Buchanan | Swimming pool | Getty Images “I have to go, Gotabaya,” chanted thousands of people who took to the streets of Sri Lanka to … Read more

Amazing Video Shows How Squids Change Color To Camouflage From Predators

You must be squidding me! Amazing video shows squids changing COLOR to camouflage themselves from predators for the first time – just like octopuses Many cephalopods, including octopuses and cuttlefish, use camouflage This has led researchers to wonder if squids also display this ability. While cleaning their aquarium, the team observed that the squid changed … Read more

The new king of anime

Ranking of kings has now finished its run with the rest of the Winter 2022 anime schedule offerings, and it’s likely more eyes will be drawn as the years go by. Sosuke Toka’s original manga series debuted in the anime adaptation last fall, but has steadily garnered attention over its episodes. It’s not hard to … Read more

Why the price of toilet paper could soon rise

The paper industry has been cashing in on a continuous rise in production costs for several months. This should soon be reflected in the selling price on the shelves. The price of toilet paperwill increase considerably“, as well as that of paper towels and tissues, warned Sunday on BFM TV the chairman of the strategic … Read more

United States. Discrimination based on opioid treatment violates the law | Health

By GEOFF MULVIHILL – Associated press A worsening opioid epidemic prompts the US Department of Justice to warn of discrimination against those prescribed drugs to treat their addiction. In guidelines released Tuesday, the department’s civil rights division said employers, health care providers, law enforcement who operate prisons and others violate the Americans with Disabilities Act … Read more

‘A Strange Loop’ Cancels First Broadway Preview Due to Covid – Deadline

UPDATE, with Matthew Broderick’s announcement Matthew Broderick tested positive for covid and will miss tonight’s performance of Broadwayit’s Square Suite, announced the producers. His wife and co-star Sarah Jessica Parker has tested negative and will perform tonight. In a statement released just an hour before showtime, producers said Broderick had maintained strict adherence to Covid … Read more