Xbox Reveals New Controller

While platforms are always a personal choice, the input or controller of said platform is usually one of the biggest influences. Many prefer a mouse and keyboard over a traditional gamepad, while some PS5 users absolutely love the DualSense and its haptic feedback options. Others will always prefer the Xbox controller, which is really shown … Read more

The big games from the last decade we forgot ever existed

Sometimes a game crashes and burns so loudly that it’s impossible to ignore. But for others—following a flashy marketing campaign, maybe some preview events or E3 presentations—the release date passes, and soon after that they might as well cease to exist. They’re played and reviewed, sure. And someone, somewhere, probably even loved them. But for … Read more

Making New Memories With Earthbound In 2022

Image: Nintendo Life/Zion Grassl I didn’t have a SNES growing up. I didn’t have a NES, either. I had an N64, though, so I’m not totally hopeless. Lately, I’ve been able to remedy the gaps in my gaming knowledge, since Nintendo’s been adding a ton of games that I either missed (because of being a … Read more

Museum rigs up multi-screen N64 GoldenEye to prevent “screencheating”

Enlarge / One console, four displays, zero “split-screen” antics Anyone who remembers playing GoldenEye 007 on the N64 likely remembers having to account for the “screencheaters” that would glance at another quadrant of the split-screen shooter to gauge an opponent’s locations. There’s even a modern game that forces players to rely on the tactic to … Read more