The Switch Lineup Is Gonna Totally Dominate The Rest Of 2022

screenshot: nintendo Following yesterday’s delay of red fall and Starfield, Microsoft’s two big blockbusters for the year, the release slate for the back half of 2022 might seem especially barren. Pop quiz: Have you been paying attention to the Switch? Read More: So Much For Video Game Release Dates As my colleague Ethan Gach pointed … Read more

Xbox boss apologizes as Starfield, Redfall delays raise 2022 lineup concerns

Game delays happen all the time, and they’re always disappointing. Goal this week’s announcement of delays to two Bethesda titles and Xbox console exclusives — Starfield, from Bethesda Game Studios, and red fallfrom Arkane — has hit particularly hard. The two games were given 2022 dates during last year’s summer xbox showcaseand represent the first … Read more

PS5 VRR Update – Performance Review

Variable Rate Refresh has been one of the most requested features on the playstation5 since it launched nearly two years ago. Sony has now resolved that, finally rolling out VRR to PS5 consoles, allowing players with a compatible TV or monitor to activate the feature in potentially any PS5 game. There’s a short list of … Read more

Grimdark RTS Age of Darkness: Final Stand throws thousands against your frail walls

Leave the doormat outside long enough in Age Of Darkness: Final Stand and you might not live to see the morning. If the game’s grimdark aesthetic didn’t warn you, here’s another from me directly: this game is brutal. Be mentally prepared to start over, over and over again. The “one more round” syndrome is strong with this mashup of tower defense and strategy.

The game’s premise is simple: survive. While the standard survival mode is challenging enough to warrant hours of gameplay, Age Of Darkness’s modifiers let you amp up the carnage for a nightmarish good time. See those little creatures all over your screen like bees in an unstable hive? Now picture building a settlement over them.

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Musical Diablo rocks, despite a few bum notes

Rhythm-action dungeon-crawler Soundfall takes the stage on Xbox today for a surprise show. We’ve been jamming with it for a little while already, and it’s a blast when everything comes together… Soundfall has no right to work as well as it does. Sure, it’s not exactly perfect, but nobody in their right mind should expect … Read more