Cannes Film Festival Dives in the Fortnite Metaverse with Brut

Brut, Cannes’s new official partner, is bringing the world’s biggest film festival into the metaverse with Epic Games’ hit vidgame fortnite. Under the ground-breaking experiment, the festival’s famous backdrop will be recreated in Fortnite, allowing gamers to experience Cannes through the eyes of three different characters: a journalist, who will father material and conduct interview; … Read more

How to Hack an IO Server in Command Cavern

Fortnite is constantly keeping its player base engaged by releasing fresh batches of quests on a weekly basis, amongst other content. One of these quests tasks players with hacking an IO server in Command Cavern, and while there are several possible locations and approaches to take, this Fortnite guide tells players the easiest and fastest … Read more