‘Walking Dogs and Picking Up Poop’

On February 21, Yuliia Chumak and Alona Ksenofontova, two sisters living in Kyiv — both professionals in the Ukrainian film industry, one a production coordinator, the other a hair and makeup artist — decided to take a trip to Barcelona to celebrate Alona’s 34th birthday. They arrived in warm, sunny Spain and spent a few … Read more

Dog’s dramatic reaction to nail clipping goes viral

A video that first made its way around the internet in 2019 has resurfaced and gone viral on the popular Reddit forum “Aww.” The video of the pup sinking to the floor while its nails were clipped was originally posted by Aashin Khosla, but it was recently re-shared by u/i_am_ur_dad. “And the Oscar goes to…,” … Read more