This Morning: A Texas Woman Spent $25,000 Cloning Her Dead Cat ‘Soul Mate’ Talks to Dermot and Alison

A woman has revealed how she spent $25,000 to clone her dead cat because she believed the animal was her soul mate. Talk to Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary to TVIit’s This morningKelly Anderson, 32, from Texas, said she was devastated when her five-year-old pet Chai died in 2017. Kelly described Chai as ‘the closest … Read more

QUIZ: Which of these beloved pets are you?

If you’re wondering which of Autostraddle’s beloved pets you are, then this is the day for you! You can finally find out if you are me, Carol the dog, or maybe another animal owned by an Autostraddle staff member??? Which of our pets are you? We have some great dogs and cats here on … Read more

In the name of love: Oxytocin turns lion kings into friendly kittens

The ‘love hormone’ is such a powerful tool that it can even turn the king of the jungle into a friendly kitten, as scientists who spent years spraying oxytocin into the body have discovered. lion’s nose. The big cats became much friendlier to their neighbors and less likely to roar at strangers when given the … Read more

Sam Mac makes emotional return to Sunrise and fights back tears during tribute to his late cat Coco

Sunrise meteorologist Sam Mac made an emotional return to the breakfast show on Wednesday following the death of his beloved cat Coco. Sam, 40, fought back tears during a weather segment as he paid tribute to Coco, who died over the weekend. After Sam had a few words to say about her late feline, Sunrise … Read more