The Best Vibey Cat Trees and Beds 2022

We would do anything for our cat, because no one besides dear mommy is better at giving us such loving (and slightly reluctant) love. What other creature can morph into our Netflix friend, attentive confidant, and personal pillow? Only our fluffy little ragdoll, who is that. Long furs notwithstanding, there’s simply no other entity on … Read more

Cats, Dogs, & Abortion Views

Photo: Kotaku/Alex Wong (Getty Images) An internal email from PlayStation president Jim Ryan contains several paragraphs about cats, but doesn’t contain a hard stance in support of his staff’s reproductive rights, and even asks employees to “respect” anti-abortion views and opinions, leaving many PlayStation staff angry and upset. As reported by Bloomberg earlier today and … Read more

Jorts the cat wants “Our flag means death” to be renewed

Jorts the Cat wants more soft pirate TV content from the folks behind Our flag means death, and here we are with Jorts. The wildly popular feline Twitter account was born from a viral reddit thread in December 2021 and is now a vibrant neighborhood voice for the defense of workers’ rights and social justice … Read more

Screenshot Secrets: Photographing Stripes the family cat in Morrowind

In this work, I devote a lot of effort and care to details that no one notices. While it’s arguably a poor use of my time, I enjoy the process – and technically it’s productive. But maybe you, dear reader, might like to hear about these little things, or at least find them interesting/strange. So let’s talk about the work that went into producing one (1) screenshot and 43 seconds of video for last week’s post on the Morrowind modder who added the family cat because their kids were scared of mud crabs.

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Why do cats like strawberries?

I recently received the following questions about cats, birds and lizards. Q. I have had pet cats and dogs for years, but just witnessed something I have never seen before. When I set a bag with strawberries on the kitchen floor, my cat walked in, sniffed the bags, then lay down and started rubbing his … Read more